About us

Mesmerize is a media company dedicated to helping you reach your marketing goals through a national network of advertising solutions. We now offer point of care media, transit media, and place-based out-of-home advertising opportunities so you can run highly-targeted media campaigns across the U.S.

As a leader in OOH advertising since 2006, Mesmerize continues to deliver brands directly to consumers, in medical offices, convenience stores, bars, restaurants, hotels, banks, and more. Our growing network of more than 80,000 venues can be targeted by geography, household income, and interests.

Meet the team

Gregory Leibert

Chief Executive Officer

Craig Mait

President & Chief Revenue Officer

Michael Ellis

President & Chief Operating Officer

Matt Murray

President, Mesmerize Transit

Andrew Knopf

Executive Vice President

Paul Ellis

Executive Vice President

Brent Wingert

Senior Vice President

Becky Rodriguez

Vice President

Georgiana Kane

Vice President

Casey Mahon

Vice President

Evan Gordon

Vice President

Derek Mirdala

Vice President

Andrew Hacking

Vice President

Carla Posthauer

Vice President

Samantha Brown

Director of Business Development

Ruthie Sanchez

Account Director

Greg Barone

Account Director

Greg Desrouleaux

Media Sales Director

Rebecca Cuje

Media Sales Manager

Jessica Boninger

Marketing Manager


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  • New York, NY 10018