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TRANSIT Advertising

Benefits of transit advertising

Why choose transit?

Transit and bus advertising is an efficient, highly impactful way to target consumers for your media campaign.

Efficient advertising

With an average CPM’s of under $5, transit provides the most cost-effective tactics compared to the majority of traditional OOH.

Impactful impressions

Buses provide an unmissable media format that consistently reaches consumers and keeps your messaging fresh.

Targeted exposure

Buses travel along heavily trafficked arterials and into suburban neighborhoods, reaching consumers in areas with limited advertising opportunities.

Reach people on their daily journey

With over 2.1MM consumers seeing our transit, paratransit, and commuter rail opportunities in 20+ markets across the Midwest every day, let us help you reach both metro and suburban areas for your next campaign.

Our Transit Markets

Transit advertising examples

transit advertising with full bus wraps

Full Bus Wraps

  • Largest transit advertising option
  • 700+ square feet (30-40′ moving billboard)
  • Premium option to dominate any market
transit advertising with Kong bus wraps

Kong Bus Wraps

  • Create a lasting impression that consumers can’t miss
  • 1/3 the cost of a billboard but almost the same size
  • Can be purchased in two sizes (King and Queen)
transit advertising with King bus signage

King Bus Signage

  • High reach and frequency media that is impossible to miss
  • Successfully reach pedestrians and commuters
  • Can be purchased on driver's or curb side
transit advertising with tail and back wraps on buses

Tail & Back Wraps

  • Reach people traveling in their cars
  • Create impact on buses throughout the market

Paratransit advertising examples

transit advertising with paratransit full wraps

Paratransit Full Wraps

  • Largest media option in smaller, more rural markets
  • Allows for multiple creative messages
transit advertising with paratransit side wraps

Paratransit Side Wraps

  • Impactful media while still being budget conscious
  • Can run on both driver or pedestrian side
transit advertising with paratransit kings on vehicles

Paratransit Kings

  • Efficient format to blanket the market in coverage
  • Media can be placed on the driver or pedestrian side
transit advertising with paratransit tail wraps on vehicles

Tail Wraps

  • Full takeover of the back of the bus
  • Better suited for text-heavy creative

Commuter Rail advertising examples

commuter rail advertising with train wraps

Train Wrap

  • Most impactful way to reach train passengers
commuter rail advertising with platform two sheets

Platform Two Sheet

  • Target commuters while they wait for the train every day
commuter rail advertising with interior car posters

Interior Poster

  • Coverage throughout each car of the train
commuter rail advertising with interior car cards

Interior Car Card

  • Ads running above the windows for mass frequency

Number of people our buses reach every day

Some of our transit partners


  • Mesmerize
  • 505 8th Ave., Suite 1003
  • New York, NY 10018