Waiting rooms and exam rooms

DoctorS' Offices

Doctor & medical office advertising: Reach patients while they wait

With a national network of offices and physicians, our targeted media solutions are designed to drive action, with your brand front and center.

Deliver your message to health-conscious consumers within high-traffic areas of doctors' offices — like waiting rooms or exam rooms — through state-of-the-art digital screens, wallboards, take-one displays, and other branded medical essentials.

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Waiting Room & Exam Room Advertising Examples

wallboard advertising in doctors office waiting rooms

Wallboard network

Patient-facing wallboards provide brands with an optimal environment to reach health-conscious consumers within high traffic areas of doctors’ office waiting and exam rooms. Take-one brochures can be affixed to the wallboard and used to distribute coupons, PI inserts, or other relevant brand information.

digital screen advertising in doctors' office waiting rooms

Digital screens

Engage patients at the point of care with state-of-the-art digital advertising on our network of waiting room screens.

Mesmerize posters in  doctors office waiting rooms

Mesmerize posters

Posters with take-one displays allow consumers the opportunity to interact with clients’ brands.

Mesmerize custom publications in doctors office waiting rooms

Custom publications

Integrate your brand’s voice with the information your audience wants to hear via editorial content.

product sampling in doctors office waiting rooms

Product sampling

Product sampling provides clients with a unique opportunity to target consumers prior to committing to purchase.

literature advertising and take-one displays in doctors office waiting rooms

Take-one displays & literature distribution

Reach consumers with literature placed at the clinic’s front desk, on tables in high-traffic waiting rooms, or in the pharmacy.

restroom signage advertising in doctors offices

Restroom signage & mirror clings

Key placement in bathrooms draws the eye to messages on the backs of stall doors, over urinals, at the vanity, or next to mirrors.

mobile targeting advertising through doctor offices

Mobile targeting

Reinforce your brand message on mobile devices and drive superior engagement.


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