Connect with underserved communities

Community-BaseD Organizations

Community based organizations: Serving lower-income demographics

Also known as community health clinics or AIDS Services Organizations (ASO), community-based organizations (CBOs) offer resources and treatment to underserved areas and populations.

CBOs vary in the services they provide, including but not limited to: HIV/AIDS, hepatitis and STD services, counseling, medical appointments, housing, drug treatment, testing, and even food service.

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CBO Advertising Examples

wallboard at community based organizations


Patient-facing wallboards provide brands with the opportunity to reach health-conscious consumers at the point of care. Take-one brochures can be affixed to the wallboard and used to distribute coupons, PI inserts, or other important brand information.

digital screens at community based organizations

Digital screens

Reach infectious disease patients at the point of care with state-of-the-art digital advertising on our network of waiting room screens.

community based organizations mesmerize posters

Mesmerize posters

Posters with take-one displays allow consumers the opportunity to interact with clients’ brands.

custom publications at community based organizations

Custom publications

Integrate your brand’s voice with the information your audience wants to hear via editorial content.

take one displays at community based organizations

Take-one displays & literature distribution

Reach consumers with literature at the clinic’s front desk, or on tables in high-traffic waiting rooms.

mobile targeting through community based organizations

Mobile targeting

Reinforce your brand message on mobile devices and drive superior engagement.


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