Reach audiences AT nightlife venues

Bars & Restaurants

Reach upscale, trendy consumers with valet tickets & more

Integrate your brand into the customer experience and receive the implied endorsement of their favorite places. By including brand sponsorship on valet tickets, bar signage, coasters, and other bar essentials, you can reach active, affluent consumers with disposable income in top DMAs.

We created the valet ticket advertising concept in 2000, and today we distribute millions each month to thousands of valet parking venues in the top DMAs. With this strategy, your advertising message can be hand-delivered to consumers when they are out on the town.

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Millennials spend an average of 44% of their food budget on eating in bars and restaurants.

Nightlife Advertising Examples

OOH advertising with coasters at bars or restaurants


OOH advertising with napkins at bars or restaurants


OOH advertising with mirror clings at bars or restaurants

Mirror Clings

OOH advertising with product sampling at bars or restaurants



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