Reach On-The-Go Consumers

Laundromats & Convenience Stores

Put your brand in front of on-the-go consumers with signage in laundromats, conveniences stores and bodegas

Integrate your message into your audience’s daily lives by advertising in the places they frequent, including where they wash their clothes. Laundromat customers are captive and undistracted for long periods of time while waiting for laundry to finish washing or drying, increasing brand awareness and message retention.

Place your message in front of on-the-go consumers during meaningful moments in the buying cycle by advertising at the point-of-sale. Drive awareness and inspire action with prominently-placed signage in high-traffic areas of convenience stores and bodegas.

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Convenience Stores
Convenience Stores

There is an estimated 200,000+ laundromats, convenience stores and bodegas in the United States.

Signage options in Laundromats, Convenience Stores and Bodegas

Convenience store posters


Table tens and counter mats

Table Tents and Counter Mats


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