Frequently Asked Questions

1. What venues do you reach?

We engage with audiences in doctor's office waiting rooms and exam rooms, pharmacies, and community-based organizations across the country. Out of home, we can help bring your brand to consumers in cafes, financial service centers, convenience stores, bars, restaurants, hotels, and more. Our transit advertising reaches audiences outside and on the road, from metro to urban areas. We can get your brand in front of the right audiences in the venues they visit most.

2. What is your scale?

On the Point of Care front, we have a national network of doctor's offices, physicians, community-based organizations, and independent pharmacies. Out of Home, we have national coverage across the top 150 DMAs in a wide range of venues. Our transit network is the largest in the Midwest, with coverage in over 60 markets throughout Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, and Texas — reaching over 6 million people.

3. Do you have digital assets?

We are working on launching a digital network in doctor's offices and community-based organizations. Keep a lookout for the roll-out soon!

4. What's new in your offering?

Our new partnership with Pharmacy Health Network, the only out-of-home digital network dedicated to retail pharmacies. Together, we will continue to educate and advertise to patients at key point-of-care locations, including doctors’ offices, pharmacies, and community-based organizations. With PHN's leading digital technology and Mesmerize's relationships with key advertisers and advertising agencies, the partnership will better deliver patient engagement at critical points throughout the patient journey.

5. How do you compare to other, similar media vendors?

Mesmerize is the leading specialty out-of-home media company with exclusive contracted ad networks focused on one-to-one and hand-to-hand marketing, reaching people when they are on the go and most likely to make purchase decisions. The Mesmerize team is comprised of industry veterans with significant experience in media and operations. We can execute campaigns in over 200 markets across the country and in all 50 states. Mesmerize has executed campaigns from coast to coast in cities such as New York to Kalamazoo, to a nationwide campaign in 163 cities for a single client – we can also blanket regions for state specific programs.


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