Brite Media Group, a Portfolio Company of The Beekman Group, Acquires Mesmerize Marketing, a leader in Point-of-Care Media

Brite Media Group (“Brite Media”), a leading out-of-home advertising company, today announced the acquisition of Mesmerize Marketing (“Mesmerize”).  Based in New York City and founded in 2006, Mesmerize is an established leader in patient education at the point-of-care and the largest provider of static media in high prescribing physicians’ offices. Gregory Leibert, the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Mesmerize, and Craig Mait, Chief Operating Officer, will join Brite Media in leadership roles and will continue to operate the Mesmerize business along with their existing team.

Brite Media’s Chief Executive Officer Joe Puglise notes, “We are thrilled to gain access to the point-of-care space with a partner who has the expertise, tenure, and reputation of Mesmerize.  The efficacy to advertisers, proven ROI, and explosive growth in the channel drew our attention to Mesmerize. We look forward to helping Mesmerize lever their impressive growth in the years to come.”

Mesmerize provides targeted educational materials including wallboards, literature distribution, branded medical essentials, and mobile integration to patients and care givers in waiting rooms, exam rooms, and other high traffic areas of doctors’ offices, dental offices, community-based organizations, AIDS service organizations, and independent pharmacies.  The company’s network reaches over 60,000 physicians and 7,500 pharmacies nationwide.  Mesmerize’s editorial content in English, Spanish and Chinese speaks directly to patients across multiple demographics within specialty practices including diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, oncology, women’s health, pediatrics, mental health, cardiology, and infectious disease.

“The partnership with Brite Media gives Mesmerize Marketing the resources necessary to scale our rapidly growing point-of-care networks,” said Gregory Leibert. “Mesmerize will look to expand our patient education and deliver significant results to our customers, by supplementing our industry-leading static media presence with new static and digital media platforms.  As we continue to build the company, we will maintain our commitment to transparency and accountability.”

Brite Media has pioneered several creative advertising products, historically focused on hand-delivered marketing messages.  In July 2017, Brite Media acquired Clean Zone Marketing, one of the Midwest’s largest transit agencies, further diversifying the media portfolio while providing additional marketing solutions for advertising partners. Brite Media’s team believes that Mesmerize will complement its existing product portfolio with a point-of-care platform and a renewed focus on healthcare.  Point-of-care media educates patients in an environment where they are empowered to communicate with their care providers about disease specific conditions.

“We believe in the power of point-of-care media,” said Michael Ellis, Brite Media’s President and Chief Operating Officer.  “Mesmerize will perfectly complement Brite’s current media platforms.  The combined companies will leverage the strengths, creativity, and human capital of both businesses to continue delivering outstanding results to our customers.”

The Beekman Group (“Beekman”), a leading private equity firm based in New York, acquired Brite Media in 2014 with the goal of building an out-of-home media platform with a diversified product offering.  In less than four years, Brite Media has more than doubled in size through organic growth and acquisitions led by Beekman and management.  Brite Media now has a robust offering of five complementary media products and services that together make the company a leading media services business in the attractive out-of-home advertising industry.

About Brite Media Group

Brite Media is a specialty out-of-home advertising company focused in three primary areas:  Hand-to-hand, transit, and now point-of-care advertising.  Brite Media also produces customized coffee sleeves for café vendors and other distribution customers.  Brite Media is headquartered in New York and Oakland, California.  For more information, please visit

About Mesmerize Marketing

Mesmerize Marketing is a point of care media company dedicated to educating health conscious consumers within our national network of doctors’ offices, dental offices, AIDS service organizations, community-based organizations, and independent pharmacies.  As a leader in patient education since 2006, Mesmerize continues to deliver brands directly to patients throughout their treatment journey from the waiting room, to the exam room, and again at the pharmacy.  Our media stimulates patients to discuss brands directly with their physicians and pharmacists while providing the coveted implied endorsement of the healthcare professional.  Our growing network of over 60,000 medical practitioners is segmented by specialty, catering to our clients’ specific target audiences by health condition and prescribing habits. For more information, please visit

About The Beekman Group

The Beekman Group is a leading private equity firm, based in New York, dedicated to bringing financial and operations resources to lower middle-market companies.  Beekman’s team consists of experienced private equity professionals, as well as a select group of Industry Advisors, who are leading executives in Beekman’s targeted industry segments.  This Industry Advisor focused approach to investing is the cornerstone of Beekman’s investment strategy – creating value through accelerating growth and transformational change in partnership with small and middle-market management teams.  For more information, please visit

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