Brite Media Group Companies Rebrand as Mesmerize

Brite Media Group – a prominent out-of-home media company specializing in delivering messages to consumers along the path to purchase – announces a company-wide rebranding under the name “Mesmerize.” The rebrand will integrate three companies – Brite Media Group, Mesmerize Marketing and Clean Zone Marketing – that will all now operate under the Mesmerize moniker. Mesmerize Marketing and Clean Zone Marketing were acquired by Brite Media Group in the last two years.

The Mesmerize name symbolizes a commitment to continued growth and innovation across the company’s three specialized out-of-home advertising divisions, seamlessly offering access to more diverse and robust advertising opportunities.

Mesmerize’s point-of-care footprint is the nation’s largest provider of static media in medical offices, pharmacies and community-based organizations. Mesmerize offers sponsored patient education in locations nationwide.

It’s place-based media division has a history of pioneering creative solutions such as coffee sleeves, valet tickets, and cash jackets to help clients reach audiences at thousands of cafés, convenience stores, restaurants, bars, hotels and financial service centers since 1999.

The transit division offers advertisers access to 6 million people in the Midwest and Southwest U.S. through its fleet of over 900 buses and 55 transit networks, plus commuter rail in Chicago, with plans to rapidly expand in the upcoming months and years.

As a result of the rebranding efforts, Mesmerize will now offer a diversified media portfolio, providing advertising solutions to an array of clients, venues and audiences. Gregory Leibert will continue to lead the company as Chief Executive Officer, with Craig Mait as President and Chief Revenue Officer, and Michael Ellis as President and Chief Operating Officer. Leibert and Mait were previously appointed to lead Brite shortly after the company acquired Mesmerize Marketing.

“United under the Mesmerize name, we will emphasize organic growth into new products, venues and networks by continuing to offer a customized approach to connecting clients with consumers. We are also actively looking at opportunities to expand through new partnerships and acquisitions,” said Leibert. “An integrated Mesmerize makes it easier for our advertisers and agencies to implement full-service out-of-home media strategies in highly-targeted locations across the country.”

“Mesmerize offers impactful multi-media advertising solutions across best in class out-of-home networks,” said Mait. “We will continue to build each division of our business around the ability to deliver measurable, result-oriented success for our clients."

About Mesmerize

Mesmerize is a specialty out-of-home advertising company focused in three primary areas: transit, point-of-care, and point-of-sale. Mesmerize, under the BriteVision name, also produces custom coffee sleeves for cafés, convenience stores and other distribution partners, in addition to the sleeves produced for advertisers. Mesmerize is headquartered in New York, NY and Oakland, CA. For more information, please visit

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