December Partner Spotlight: ASP Cares

For December’s Partner Spotlight, we’re excited to introduce you to Rex Green and Ivan Guevara from ASP Cares. ASP Cares is a specialty pharmacy geared towards simplifying patients' lives. With the big heart and strong work ethic of a small-town community pharmacy and the resources of a large retail pharmacy, ASP Cares brings the best of both of those worlds together.

ASP Cares began in 2010 as a company with a total of three employees in Plano, Texas. Since its inception, the company has expanded to 25 pharmacies with over 600 employees.

Keep reading to hear how Rex and Ivan got their start with ASP Cares, what they like most about partnering with Mesmerize, their favorite book, and more!


Mesmerize: When did you begin working for ASP Cares?

Rex Green: I began working for ASP Cares in 2015. I’d been brought onboard to increase the work ASP Cares was doing for communities affected by HIV/AIDS.

Mesmerize: Can you tell me about one of ASP Cares’ most recent initiatives?

Rex Green: ASP Cares recently launched an online portal, PrEPvolution, that is designed to educate the public about HIV prevention efforts, specifically in regard to PrEP. The PrEPvolution portal was created to help break the stigma around PrEP. Only by addressing and reducing PrEP stigma will we be able to improve access and equitable distribution critical to accomplishing the goal of ending the HIV epidemic. Our PrEPvolution portal includes a dedicated telephone line where people may either locate a PrEP provider in their area or get connected to discuss options with a provider through telehealth services.

Mesmerize: What do you enjoy most about your role at ASP Cares?

Rex Green: As Director of 340B at ASP Cares, I really enjoy the lack of limitations in regard to what we can accomplish. We like to maintain the mindset of a local pharmacy while utilizing an extensive network of resources. Our pharmacies aim to remove limitations around patient communication efforts and our top goal is to provide personalized care to each individual.

Ivan Guevara: As 340B Coordinator and Executive Community Liaison at ASP Cares, I love the ability to perform outreach in an effort to further promote patient communication efforts, especially in areas where patient needs are greater. There is a need for personalized care and increased patient engagement in rural communities that are medically underserved. I appreciate the opportunity to perform outreach in Hispanic communities and provide greater access for patient education services.

Mesmerize: What outcomes have you seen by showcasing our content in your pharmacy?

Rex Green: In addition to offering patient-focused content about HIV/AIDS prevention efforts, Mesmerize offers general health and wellness education content as well. Not only has showcasing Mesmerize content throughout our pharmacy network increased patient education efforts, but pharmacy staff education efforts as well. By keeping Mesmerize’s content at the top of pharmacists’ minds, pharmacy staff are better able to provide patient care.

Mesmerize: What do you enjoy most about partnering with Mesmerize?

Rex Green and Ivan Guevara: Mesmerize really cares about the ASP Cares community and wants to grow together with our network. They are committed to helping us complete our goals and ensure smooth project timelines every time, especially with custom content requests.

Mesmerize: What is the best advice you have received?

Rex Green: Push past your limitations and focus on moving forward. The book I’m currently reading - “No Matter What” by Lisa Nichols – discusses the theme of resilience and inspires me to keep pushing forward no matter what.

Thank you, Rex Green and Ivan Guevara from ASP Cares Pharmacy, for the valuable message. Mesmerize is excited to continue to grow our partnership together. If you are a Mesmerize partner interested in having your organization spotlighted, or if you’re interested in becoming a Mesmerize partner, please reach out to our solutions team.

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