Mesmerize Partners with VSee to Provide Telehealth and Remote Patient Monitoring Services

Mesmerize is pleased to announce a new partnership with VSee, a company that specializes in digital telehealth platforms offering video visit, medical exam, and remote patient monitoring services. The partnership provides an additional platform for Mesmerize's advertisers to reach patients and healthcare providers and gives the pharmacies and doctors' offices within Mesmerize's network telehealth solutions and the ability to offer remote patient monitoring services.

In collaboration with VSee, Mesmerize will be offering telehealth services as a new solution to clients beginning in 2022.  The addition of telehealth to Mesmerize's portfolio affords advertisers the ability to reach patients wherever they are receiving care, whether that be virtually or in-person.  Advertisers will be able to reach patients with sponsored messaging within a 5–7-minute virtual waiting room.  VSee's algorithm allows for hyper-targeted messaging based on condition, specialty, demographic, and other relevant data.

Additionally, Mesmerize will be offering sponsorship opportunities across VSee's AIMEE platform, a joint venture between VSee, Intel and Indeed, that offers telehealth consultations to any American, regardless of their insurance status.

The partnership will also allow pharmacies and healthcare providers within Mesmerize's network to take advantage of VSee's telehealth services, including remote patient monitoring services with connected devices such as pulse oxygen and blood glucose monitoring devices.  Healthcare providers and pharmacists that opt into this offering will be able to monitor and manage patients' healthcare information remotely.

"Mesmerize is excited to collaborate with VSee and offer advertisers another means of reaching patients along their healthcare journey," said Craig Mait, Mesmerize President & Chief Revenue Officer. "VSee shares Mesmerize's commitment to providing equal healthcare access to all, and we are proud to work with them to provide valuable health education to all patients."

"VSee is thrilled to be able to work with Mesmerize to provide valuable health education to patients while they wait to see their healthcare provider virtually," said Dr. Milton Chen, co-founder of VSee.  "We also look forward to rolling out our platform across Mesmerize's network, increasing patient access to care among the communities that need it most."

Mesmerize is an out-of-home advertising company specializing in point of care, point-of-sale, and transit media, and is headquartered in New York, NY.  Mesmerize provides targeted educational materials including digital and static wallboards, literature distribution, and branded medical essentials to patients and caregivers in waiting rooms, exam rooms, and other high traffic areas of doctors' offices, community-based organizations, AIDS service organizations, and independent and chain pharmacies.

VSee is a telemedicine platform that was founded in 2008 by two Stanford PhD students, Dr. Milton Chen and Dr. Erika Chuang, who believe in the power of telemedicine to save money, save lives, and improve healthcare.  VSee's mission is to make telehealth an everyday experience that is simple and accessible.  VSee serves over 2,000 clients and is funded by, National Science Foundation, and In-Q-Tel.

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